Today’s Fitness And Exercise Sciences Fail At Keeping Adults Fit

p90X3 results

Looking at the role exercise can play for cancer patients

They drive the external motion resistance energy, the force that powers strengthening exercises, directly into the skeleton, through the wrists or ankles”. “Virtually all stout exercises have always driven the forces of exercise up and down (parallel) the spine and extremity bones first, working these parts immensely harder than muscles”. “Force mapping exposes how a spine and extremity bone crossing direction, fights muscles first, and with full range contractions almost all of the motion resistance energy is released before it can enter the skeleton”. They explained, “Force mapping can easily show any engineer, or map reader, how almost every muscle and cardio exercise, does not even work muscles directly”. “They immobilize joints and vertebra, usually by smashing bones and vertebra together, which makes these in-between parts much harder for the muscles to move, thus creating muscle exercise at the expense of adult joints and disks”.
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Maria Menounos

Specifically I am interested in the use of exercise in the prevention, detection and treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. One study I am currently involved in looks at people who have survived cancer. Modern advances in medicine have transformed most cancers into largely treatable conditions. As an example, in Wales the five-year survival rate has risen from 31% to 46% in men and from 45% to 53% in women between 1985 and 2007.
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USNS Spearhead Participates in Exercise Saharan Express

Naval Forces Europe-Africa/U.S. 6th Fleet, as a demonstration and test of the skills developed as part of Africa Partnership Station (APS) and ongoing efforts to increase maritime domain awareness. During the exercise, Spearhead played the role of a suspect vessel, which provided participating nations at multiple maritime operations centers (MOCs), located in various areas, the opportunity to track the ship’s movement. The communication between the MOCs mirrors real-world situations where regional information sharing plays a vital role in successful operations.
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